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"I had my mammogram completed by Carrie Ann last week. Carrie Ann was extremely patient and kind with my emotions. I was very anxious... without her I'm not sure I would be coming back again in 2024. Please make sure Carrie Ann understands how important her care meant to me. Life is stressful enough without medical anxiety these days - she truly made a difference in my visit that day and I appreciate her gentle approach and understanding. " -- Samantha R.
"Thanks for all the great care and prescriptions, etc, when I'm "under the weather". I'm getting to be a repeat customer and everyone does a super job from my Dr(Huun), staff, and the Lab. Keep up the great work to keep people like me "ticking" ha." -- Richard
"I want to say Thank You for the excellent care Dr. Nunes provided yesterday while in Urgent Care. Her thoroughness was appreciated. It was a relief sharing with someone with her experience. I'm on the road to feeling better. Also, thanks to the support staff. They excellent! Thank you!" -- Audrey B.
"LPN Kyra to Physician Marilyn Halder has been wonderful to deal with and very understanding. She always responds to my messages through MyChart promptly which is appreciated." -- Erica V.
"I had a mammogram scan performed Monday by Kathy. That had to be the "best" experience with that scan ever. They're never pleasant. But it was quick and easier than any before, and I'm 76, so that's saying a lot. She gets a big thanks from me! She is a good ambassador for the clinic." -- Gloria
"I had a wonderful experience today, my very first visit to the Salem Clinic. Scheduling was fast, checking in very efficient and the imaging center was very time effective and caring. Great communication at all stages of the process. Thank You. " -- Pat
"I just want to recognize Dr. Heffner for being a physician that really makes patients feel seen and is so relatable and enjoyable to be around. She is encouraging and validating at every appointment. I love coming in to visit her!" -- Patient
"... I appreciate everything you do. I know the last couple of years have been very difficult especially for medical professionals. My family and I want to extend our gratitude to all who work in the medical field. Dr. Williams has been an amazing doctor; willing to squeeze me into his schedule on short notice and that means a lot to me because I know you are all very busy and spread very thin. Keep up the good work you guys! Your hard work, determination, hospitality, and kindness is not going unnoticed! Thank you thank you thank you all! " -- Elizabeth
"I had a Brain MRI today. The MRI technician was Sarah. Unfortunately I have had many MRI's, so I have experience at this. Sarah is an absolutely stand out technician. She has a great bedside manner, has a great sense of humor and is good at her job. A brain MRI sucks big time but she made it bearable. I also barely felt the injection of the contrast dye. She was professional but personable and that is a fine line to walk. She did it well. You all have a great employee there. Hang on to her!" -- Robert M.
"To Sarah C., I want to thank you. You are a blessing and a much needed advocate for Salem Clinic patients. You took a stressful and heavy situation, and somehow turned it into a positive outcome. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What you did changed the course of my recovery. I am so grateful." -- Scott
"I want to give kudos to Sadie who worked in the drive through covid line. She was super funny, bubbly, has been standing on her feet for a while and had the most positive attitude. Nursing staff like her deserve to be recognized along with all nursing staff and providers. Thank you for your hard work every single day. ❤" -- Jose B
"Hello, my wife needed to go to Urgent Care on New Year's Day. She was treated by Dr. Kohler and his staff. They were all exceptional, braving freezing temperatures and long waiting lines. They did a fantastic job!!! Thank you and Happy New Year!!!" -- Crystal and Frank Ortmann
"Janice with imaging did my first mammogram today. She was amazing. So very kind and informative. She made me feel very comfortable. I really appreciated that. I won't feel hesitant about making future appointments because of my experience today. " -- Shelby Prichard
"I had 3 imaging tests done at the Capitol St.,a bone density, a mammogram & a CAT scan. All 3 techs were friendly, respectful & knowledgeable about their tests. And I was done All Three tests in about 1/2 hour. Salem Clinic rocks !!!!! Thanks" -- Janet
"I brought my grandma in to urgent care, we saw Dr. Kohler, and I just wanted to let you guys know that we had an awesome experience with him. She brings a doll with her and is easily spoken over because of her dementia, but Dr. Kohler took the time to interact with her in the world she’s living in, going so far as to check her baby’s mouth also when she wanted him too. I was amazed and so thankful for the care we received and the time he took to set her at ease. " -- Sierra
"You have the best staff! I am so grateful for each doctor I have seen. Specifically, yesterday I took my daughter to see Ms. Navaja. She talked my daughter through each question that she had. Sent her for testing for the concerns (which validated us and also helped us feel heard). She spent time and helped her feel seen, understood, and appreciated. Thank you for hiring such caring staff! Even writing this now, my eyes are moist with gratitude for her kindness. Thank you, Ms. Navaja!" -- Melanie V.
"I have had three visits since moving to Oregon six months ago, and I continue to be totally blown away by the high level of customer service received! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable; no one ever seems to be irritable. If every business were like yours, there would be a LOT LESS ANGST in the world. Thanks so much for what you do to make your patients feel so comfortable and important!" -- Ken W.
"...Dean from the Inland Shores office... is by far the best person I've ever had the pleasure of scheduling and checking in with! I have been with Salem clinic since I was 3 and I'm now 33. I haven't seen a doctor in about 10 years and when I called he made me feel comfortable and like he genuinely cared. My anxiety was sooooo high but he quickly made me feel like it was going to be ok. When I checked in for my appointment, I was pleasantly surprised that is was Dean there to greet me and once again he calmed me down. He made my process so much better!!! Dean is AMAZING!!!! " -- Kathleen D.
"Thank you to Jamie at the front desk for assisting in getting ahold of my provider this weekend. You were very kind and I appreciate your can-do exceptional help. You stand out, thank you! " -- Ahren
"I just wanted to send an email to express how thankful we are. We are NOT patients at Salem Clinic, however, our regular primary care is out for the 2 week break and our daughter needed to be seen. We live in Keizer and tried going to the urgent care at Inland Shores. The very nice receptionist informed my husband that they were only taking appointments and directed him over to Capital St. Once there he entered the main entrance and was directed over to urgent care. Once there they informed him that they were trying to only see respiratory patients but would have him go over to family medicine to see about getting in. They went back over to Family Medicine (4pm) and were able to get her in for an appointment within 10 minutes. She was seen by Dr. Jeffrey Stoessl. She has been gushing about how quick and nice and funny he was since she got home. She even went on to tell me how he wasn't like a regular Dr, he was wearing jeans and REALLY COOL BOOTS! Anyways, the point of this email was to make sure you guys know how amazing your staff is. Every person was so kind and helpful to my husband and daughter. We were very nervous about trying to get in to be seen somewhere with all of the covid concerns, but knew she needed some antibiotics sooner than later. Thank you for treating them so well! We appreciate you all. " -- Krista VanSlyke (Lainey VanSlyke)
"Julie Slind-hull left with big shoes to fill. Kristy Thomas has managed to fill them shoes and more. My do believe I even felt a bit of (like it's supposed to be) "bonding" on my last visit. She has gained my trust like no other. " -- Tina myers
"You're COVID 19 testing site is amazing as are all the people and providers at Salem Clinic. Every single person there from check-in to check-out makes me feel cared for. You are a blessing to our community. Special thanks to all the front-liners outside." -- Tammie Jones
"Excellent care for my mammogram today; the tech noticed I had 2 markers, not one like I thought I had. In the 13 years since surgery, only two other techs have imaged both clips. I really approve of her exacting detail..." -- Barbara
"I want to give a HUGE shout out to Anna in the Ob-gyn/surgery PSS. She helped me above and beyond... while trying to get a consult with a surgeon... I am forever grateful for her saying she would keep me on her radar and following through." -- Kathryn
"... give my compliments to (the) nurse who helped me with a flu shot. It was a very pleasant experience and I would greatly appreciate letting her know. Thank you!" -- Daniel
"I just called into the Salem Clinic for advice on how to proceed with a medical issue. I received the most supportive, patient and thorough treatment. She took the time to understand my confusion about how to proceed and she clearly explained my options. Thank you so much. I did not know this was an available service. I am feeling much more confident in how to respond to this situation." -- Gerri
"Bravo Robert at the reception desk of Imaging!! I needed to hand carry some x-rays to a physician in Portland... Robert really helped out... working with two computer screens, he figured out where my request had landed and made a call to that location. He knew they were running on a heavy schedule; so talked to someone that figured it all out; he then told me to go to the records office; handed me a map; and it was a done deal. " -- Gloria
"Dr. Daniels is the best. He always takes the time to speak with you genuinely, and cares for your health. He asks questions, and doesn’t make you ever feel hurried. He is a wonderful doctor, I trust him wholeheartedly with the care for my whole family. " -- Lance
"Shemarr in Radiology at the Main Clinic is AMAZING. We just had our 20 week anatomy scan on the 28th and she was SO kind and attentive. She explained what we were looking at and how she had to get the pictures a certain way and all that, which really put our minds at ease since it is a longer ultrasound and can make it seem like something might be wrong. She also, after we found out the gender, used our son's name throughout the ultrasound (like when coaxing him to move for certain shots) which was really sweet since it was our first time getting to associate his name with his little face. When we took a break to get a few more shots she talked at length with my husband about his side of the pregnancy which is something a lot of providers wouldn't take the time to do. If we had a choice for future pregnancies we would always opt for Shemarr to do our sonograms! Please thank her so much for us and let everyone in the department know how much it meant to us to have such a special experience in meeting our son for the first time. :) Lacie and James " -- Lacie Wood
"I had the privilege to see Dr. Blanchard today and I am so happy I found her. She is down to earth and super personable but most importantly, she didn't just listen to me she actually heard me. I didn't feel rushed or confused when I left. I have already told all my friends about her. I am so thankful for Salem Clinic and their amazing doctors, especially Dr. Blanchard. " -- Lynne B.
"I had a mammogram about a week ago and while it is not always the most pleasant of experiences, I have to compliment Amy, the technician who made the experience go by quickly and was a delight to spend some time with. Way to go Amy! " -- Susan M.
"Although I have had three GREAT breast imaging experiences at Salem Clinic, Mammography Tech, Amy, takes the cake! She truly has the best skills in assessing a gal's feelings about the procedure and follows through. She is thorough, professional, empathetic and fun in a mostly un-fun situation. She was my tech after a "call back." This was definitely not my first time for additional breast imaging, but I am so happy to know that she is there for the gals that are waiting in worry. And for a tough cookie who has been through it all before, Amy made me confident that I was being well cared for." -- Terri
"Had a great experience " -- Tom
"This morning I had x-rays taken. Over the years I’ve had a few.. Your technicians are superior to past experiences (not at Salem Clinic) I was met by a young woman (it was her second day) she made me feel comfortable, while also confident in her abilities. It’s my understanding she was being trained, both her ‘trainer’ and she worked seamlessly together. Though I’ve never complained about bad experiences, reflecting on them, I feel the need to acknowledge your professional and caring staff. " -- Eva
"Dr. Bastola - I saw you regarding increased anxiety, etc. and you were so kind to me. You took the time to talk to me about my life and yours and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The medication that you prescribed has helped me tremendously. Thank you!" -- Lori N.
"I went to Urgent Care with a severe asthma attack. The receptionist did not waste time getting information; I just handed her my driver's license. She called the nurse and he took me right back, starting a respiratory treatment. The doctor came in to listen to my lungs during the treatment. After the treatments, I was breathing much better. The staff were all very fast to act on a problem that could have sent me to the hospital if not taken care of so quickly. Thank you, South Urgent Care!" -- Elizabeth
"I have been seeing Dr. Joyce Heffner for prenatal care for my recent pregnancy and couldn't have been happier with her! She takes the time to listen to your concerns and answers any questions you have without making you feel like you're taking too much of her time. This past Wednesday her and Dr. Samawi delivered my daughter via c-section and they were both absolutely fabulous. They were the dream team of doctors and gave us a wonderful birth experience that we will never forget. I am SO grateful to Dr. Joyce Heffner and Dr. Samawi and would highly recommend either of them for prenatal care!" -- Corinne
"Back injury from home improvement. Suffered 3 weeks seeking alternative treatments. Finally went to see Dr Zuk. He performed an intensive evaluation, diagnosed the cause of back pain, and prescribed rx. Felt better that evening and almost 90% next day! Thank you Dr Zuk. Spot on" -- Jack
"Salem Clinic has doctors that have simple smiles that say "hello", even when you are just passing through... " -- Tracy
"I called... to set up an appointment for my mom last week. I just want to applaud, Eric, the scheduler who helped me out. He was personable, friendly and had great customer service skills. It was a great pleasure to work with Eric! Thanks." -- Josephine C.
"So Far I have been very Lucky. I've been through 3 Doctors... All three Doctors have been GREAT !!!! I have had no problems with them and I'm very blessed. Dr. Baculi, Dr. Fitzgerald and Now Dr. Stoessl, you're doing a good job and I see that you care about your patients! You earn 5 Stars in my book. Thank You for your kindness." -- Tracy
"Kudos and hats off to Dr. Eller for going above & beyond!! My uncle had an appointment with him yesterday & my 80 year old mom was at this appointment. My mom has been quite sick, but has been dealing with my uncle's health concerns (ignoring her own). Dr. Eller recognized my mom's discomfort and was kind enough to... put on his "Urgent Care" hat and see my mom on the spot! Thank you Dr. Eller! I really appreciate the exceptional care you showed both of them!" -- Teresa
"I sincerely appreciate the work you do, your humanitarianism and your overall good attitudes. The universe needs more people like you and it brightens my day to meet people with light in their hearts. For this, I thank you and will forever be thankful..." --
"Dr. Stoessl always goes above and beyond to help my family members. Having two special needs children, I appreciate his patience and understanding. I truly feel heard and valued as a person not only when we come into the office but via phone messages as well. Thank you... you have no idea what a relief it is knowing we have a doctor we can really rely on. " -- Kimberly P
"I just saw Dr. Daniels on-call and he was great! He quickly addressed my symptoms, educated me on what could be the cause and made sure to put me at ease. Thanks!" -- Michelle
"The past couple days have been unreal!! I have received more phone calls from Doctors and their staff regarding my condition... Very amazing! The healthcare and the care! DR. Lee and Staff, DR. Williams and Staff, Thank You!!!" -- Todd
"When I call your clinic I have found you people treat me like I matter, and that I am important to you. It doesn't matter whom I talk to, it's always consistently good customer service. It's really a little more than that, I sense true empathy and sympathy from all staff. You treat me the way I want to be treated, like a human being... everyone cheerfully takes the time to make sure my concerns and needs are addressed... I wish I could single out the great employee, but I can't, because everyone is great, professional and I can tell there is a huge emphasis on team work... I continue to be amazed by the outstanding attention and care I receive... Don't ever stop being the best and a model for what patient care should be everywhere! Thank You." -- Robert M.
"I simply cannot get over how outstandingly wonderful the staff is at the South Salem Clinic. The tellers were nothing but helpful, informative, and just a joy to interact with. While maintaining a professional atmosphere, they are so relaxed and easy to talk to it made my whole experience all the better... I am lucky I live so close to such an establishment!" -- Morgan V.
"I want to say that this is the best doctors office. Especially Dr. Weeks! She has been both my daughter's doctor since birth... when our insurance didn't want to pay, she fought till they did. Thank you thank you. You are all very appreciated. " -- Holly
"I came in yesterday for lab work and found that I had to be fasting (I wasn't). The staff at the lab desk were great...offered me options. I ended coming back today and they were very quick and efficient...a great team every time I interact with them :)" -- Colleen
"What a great experience I had at Inland Shores Urgent Care. I was visitng from Hawaii and attending a reunion. I contracted a sinus infection destined to spoil a much anticipated reunion. The front desk was professional and personable. After a minimal wait, I saw Dr. Bastola. I really appreciated his professional knowledge and care. He had a great 'bedside' manner and people skills. If I lived in Keizer, I would choose him as my primary care doctor. Mahalo for the great job you do!" -- Niina B.
"Regarding Dr. Jeff Stoessl, my wife and I were fortunate to have Dr. Stoessl as our family doctor from 2004-2013. We moved to Portland in 2013 and have missed him and his warmth and wisdom. We are contemplating moving back into your market and would look forward to having Salem Clinic & Dr Stoessl as our family providing group..." -- Bob G.
"Just wanted to say what marvelous help I received this morning regarding new registration for my mother and myself. Michele in registration was so kind and courteous. She is a wonderful asset. " -- Nora B.
"Each time I have needed services at the Salem Clinic Urgent Care, I have been extremely impressed with the excellent care I have received by warm, personable professionals. Today, I was seen by Dr. Johan Kohler; he took the time to establish a warm rapport and professionally got to the bottom of the issue... " -- Michael
"Last Wednesday afternoon, I went to Urgent Care at the South Salem Facility for chest pains. I would like to commend everyone who saw me and provided treatment for their highest level of professionalism and compassion. I felt in good hands !!! Thank you !!" -- Frank O.
"This past year I had to change my PCP due to my doctor retiring. I am not big on change and changing to a new doctor was a pretty big deal for me. My new PCP is Dr. Huun; I can't share enough what a great doctor he is. He is attentive and truly "listens" to what I am saying. My fear of starting over w/a new provider has been put to rest. I would highly recommend Dr. Huun - I give him an A+!!" -- Veeka
"A big thumbs up for Dr. Gillespie. He is so patient and supportive when I bring my mother in to see him. Thankful to have him as her PCP at the clinic. All support staff and professionals are truly amazing. " -- Peggy O.
"My experience with Salem Clinic has been very good. The staff has listened and made the decisions easier. I would love to thank Dana A. personally for the great care and for going out of her way to listen to me, an ordinary patient. And of course my Doctor Raymond Baculi, who listens to my ramblings. Thanks guys. Yours Truly, Craig B." -- Craig
"I have worked in EMS for 13 years and have interacted with many physicians; Dr. Jared Eller has the best patient interaction skills I have ever run across. " -- Kelby
"Love, Love, Love, my Doctor! Saved my life too. Would recommend him to any woman who was looking for a competent and caring OB/GYN." -- Kristen
"Dr. Gillespie is the best doctor I have ever had. He is great at listening. He's so down to earth and easy to talk to. He's very good at looking at all options for caring for his patients. He's like a friend when you go to see him. I can't think of one thing that I don't like about him. In my book, he is the very best. Thanks Dr. G! Keep up the great work." -- Bob C.
"...We were fortunate to find, in Dr. Cooley, a carrying supportive and professional physician. Early on (my wife) was diagnosed to have Lewy Body Dementia, Dr. Cooley's treatment, understanding of her sometimes bluntness during clinic visits and the method of soothing her periodic outbursts were handled with dignity, respect and professionalism. Since (my wife's)passing I have been the recipient of outstanding medical treatment from Dr. Cooley, who is second to none!" -- Robert
"When my insurance changed I had to find a new Primary Care Physician and after doing a lot of research I called to make an appointment with Dr. Eller. I have been very pleased because Dr. Eller is one of the most caring, empathetic doctors I have ever had. He takes time to listen and has always been very responsive and pro-active in addressing any of my concerns or medical needs. He has my trust and I highly recommend him!! " -- Renee
"I met with Dr. Harrington today for the first time... his manner was professional, but also friendly and relaxed and his exam room reflected that. It was nice to be in a exam room with personal touches. He listened to me... I am so pleased to meet a doctor who shows such respect for his patients. Thank you, Dr. Harrington... " -- Lisa
"...I was referred to the Salem Clinic by my primary physician and was given an appointment with Dr. Frank. I was very nervous and apprehensive before going into my appointment. I have never met a doctor as charismatic and nice as Dr. Frank. Dr. Frank put my mind at ease regarding potentially having a brain tumor. I would also like to thank Dr. Frank for personally calling me regarding my lab results. I know tons of physicians would have another member of their medical team call, but Dr. Frank personally called me. I was so impressed by the service I received from Dr. Frank that I called my sister, who is a second year medical student at OHSU, and told her that she needs to be a doctor just like him when she is finished with medical school. THANK YOU DR. FRANK, you are truly an amazing doctor and I am so happy to be your patient. " -- Folashade O.
"We have been patients of Dr. Huun for over twenty years. It has been a very comfortable doctor/patient relationship. He is very patient listening to our medical problems & concerns. Appropriate tests and advice is given and follow-up visits or a phone call out of concern is given. Salem Clinic is very fortunate to have Dr. Huun as part of their staff. We feel we are the "lucky ones" to have found such a fine doctor." -- Stanley & Marcine
"I am so incredibly HAPPY with my OB, Dr. Frank! Words cannot describe how amazing this doctor is; I wish he could be my doctor for everything! He has a relationship with his patients that resembles one of a family friend. I leave his office with a positive outlook always... I wish there were more doctors in this world like Dr. Frank. I am proud to be his patient and I will forever be loyal to him. Thanks Dr. Frank for all you do!" -- Bethany S.
"I really enjoy coming here; they have the most considerate and nicest staff I have ever met. Y'all all make me feel very comfortable. I am here to for x-rays. Every other time has also been amazing. Thank you!" -- Jessica D.
"All of the staff were extremely friendly and helpful... Everyone had a smile and compassion; it really made a painful morning much more tolerable. If I could give them all a giant hug, I would. Even staff I passed in the hallway as I limped around were friendly and encouraging. Well done Salem Clinic!" -- Gail O.
"Today I visited the Salem Clinic for the first time. I was scheduled to have my annual exam and a mammogram. The previous two years, I had gone to another clinic in town and had been very disappointed in the overall experience. I had been a long time patient of Dr. Kahan before he retired and was used to his caring and attentive demeanor. At that other clinic I felt processed. The doctor and staff were working as fast as they could to crank people through. The Salem Clinic and Dr. Goldsworthy, by contrast, were helpful and thorough. Time was taken to ask and answer questions. Dr. Goldsworthy listened and explained. I feel I’ve found healthcare professionals in which I can place my trust. The people at the front desk were pleasant and smiled. The mammogram process, which is always one of my least favorite, was kept as brief and painless as possible by the friendly technician, Rhonda. Thanks to the entire staff at Salem Clinic. I’m looking forward to a long relationship. " -- Julie G.
"I was recently hit by another car from the rear... I went to my PCP at Salem Clinic and he was very upbeat and smart and knew just what to do... The times I have had to get some x-rays at the Salem Clinic they were all so caring and I never had to wait long at all any of those time I went in. I am Thankful. " -- Sharon W.
"Salem Clinic has the most professional, efficient and personable staff I have ever encountered. " -- Karol B.
"...Dr. Pedersen is the nicest man, he takes great care of my mom and dad, he is calm, genuine, caring, attentive, and hard working... Dr. Fitzgerald, you are the most wonderful doctor ever. It takes a lot to gain trust of my son, but there is something about you, you are special. He took to you like nothing I have seen before. Thank you for taking your time with him and making him feel safe and comfortable. I know you are a busy man but you don't ever act as though. From the bottom of my heart thank you. You guys are a dynamic duo. " -- Bonnie
"I have brought my parents... to Salem Clinic for about 10 years or so. My mother passed away in 2009 but my sister and I continue to bring my father for care. I want to compliment you in that I have almost always been very pleased with all the personnel at the clinic--the good care of Dr. Lackides, the wonderful care of Mr. Diaz, the care and responsiveness of the nurses, especially Kelly, and also the courtesy and efficiency of all the receptionists on the phone and at the desk..."" -- Mary R.
"I was visiting the Salem area when I had a sudden medical need. I arrived at urgent care mid-morning and the staff was at all times courteous, caring and professional. Listening to my symptoms they determined that I should have lab work done before I saw the doctor. This was all accomplished in an unexpectedly timely manner and after a short wait to see the doctor for my diagnosis, I was on my way to the pharmacy for a prescription to aid in my healing. Thank you to the entire staff! What a gem the Salem area has in this urgent care clinic. It is reassuring and I am grateful to know that such excellent healthcare is available while away from home!" -- Nanette
"Our family wishes to thank Dr. Lackides for his patient and caring demeanor in dealing with our parents. Both have dementia and health issues that need to be dealt with. He explains diagnoses and treatment in plain simple terms that can be understood easily. He has great communication skills and a good sense of humor. We would like him to know that he is trusted, appreciated and respected by our family. Thank you Dr.Lackides! " -- Connie
"I give Salem Clinic and 11 on a 1-10 scale. The staff was welcoming and conducted themselves in a highly professional manner. We have been to other clinics and we had heard wonderful things about Salem Clinic and they were right! It's a great Clinic! Thank you." -- Stella S.
"...I went in to Pick up a prescription from the Salem Clinic from Dr. Zuk. When I walked up to the receptionist to ask for the status of my prescription, I was having a hard time remembering the name of it and other details. The receptionist became concerned and asked one of the nurses to look at me. They took me to an examining room where a blood sugar test revealed that my sugar levels were dangerously low. Being a diabetic I know the terrible ramifications of this, but due to the confused state I was in at the time I did not notice my condition. They immediately gave me glucose and checked on me every fifteen minutes thereafter to make sure I was getting better, not letting me leave until I was. Dr. Zuk then walked in and examined me to make sure I was okay to go home. If not for the training and caring of Dr. Zuk and his staff I do not like to think of what might have happened to me if I had driven away from that office in the condition I was in at the time. I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks for their help." -- Monte H.
"...I have been seeing Dr. Gillespie for just over two years now. I have to say its actually a pleasure to see him. He's very good at taking the time to listen to your problem. He is actually one of the best I've ever seen in asking clear and concise questions... Being that I'm on a fixed income, he always chooses medications that not only do the job, but are the cheapest. I can't say enough good about Dr. Gillespie and his nurse Tammy. What an outstanding team! If you call in for a question, they are just awesome about getting back to you in a timely manner. Dr. G and Tammy both have outstanding personalities and know how to make you feel cared about and even offer a few laughs along the way. I'm very thankful to have them as my medical team. I can't say enough good about the two of them. Thank You Dr. Gillespie and Tammy. Keep up the outstanding work!" -- Bob C.
"I just wanted to say that the lab tech who assisted me yesterday really went above and beyond. I was there for a 4 hour glucose test and he drew the first draw, apparently I have small veins so the second tech tried to draw the second one and had two misses. Randy then made sure he was available for every one of my draws, even adjusting his lunch to be sure he could do the final one for the day. What wonderful customer service in a setting I don't know that I would have expected it from (though I have always experienced good service in the lab dept). He really made a long day of testing less stressful for me. " -- Geri
"I just moved here... this clinic is amazing! Such a positive attitude by all. I felt like I was getting VIP treatment from reception staff, lab staff and the physician. I can see this is your regular practice too and not an exception. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -- Doug B.
"I called in yesterday with an extremely painful migraine I had been struggling with for a week with little to no relief... Triage nurse Cathy was simply amazing...she was helpful, understanding, compassionate and most of all, determined to get me feeling better. After a series of very speedy call backs we found a solution and I am feeling like a new person. I can't thank her enough for going above and beyond! It was TRULY appreciated more than she may ever know, by me and my 3 children." -- Brenda M.
"Several days ago, I fell while exercising my dog at Minto Brown Park. Little pain was felt until the next day when my left side became quite painful. I called the Salem Clinic to see if a doctor was available and was immediately given an appointment for that afternoon with Dr. Winthrop... Imaging confirmed that I had a fractured rib. Dr. Winthrop and all Clinic personnel that took care of me were considerate, courteous and highly professional. From my first phone call to the Clinic to my return home was just four hours. Medical care just does not get any better than that. " -- Stan
"The care I received from Mario Diaz was amazing. My kidney infection was diagnosed and treatment started immediately. I was especially thankful for my awesome nurse, Terry. She was filled with compassion and I can't thank both she and Mario enough. Day 8 of super antibiotics and I feel like a new woman! Thanks again for the awesome staff at Salem Clinic." -- Judy
"Dr. Gillespie is the most amazing healthcare provider I've ever had. He truly takes the time to get to know his patients and to get to the root cause of their visits. I am so impressed by his demeanor, professionalism and overall personality that, upon my recommendation, my mother and husband are also now under his care...and they are equally impressed! Thank you, Dr. Gillespie, for being so wonderful!" -- Charlotte G.
"Please extend my Mother's thank you and appreciation to Dr. Loewen-Thomas, triage nurse Stephanie, and RMA Miranda, for the care they gave her last Friday. They treated her for injuries and infections related to an auto accident. Stephanie and Miranda went out of their way to be gentle as they removed and replaced bandaging. Dr. Loewen-Thomas offered new suggestions, that we hadn't heard yet." -- Janie M.
"Having met and dealt with over 30+ doctors in my 40 years for myself, and other family members, from every hospital and major clinic in western Oregon, I have NEVER met a doctor as efficient, thorough, honest, AND compassionate as Dr. Devaux. This is a man that when he learned of my heart attack, arranged for a staff member to call and check on my wife (who is also his patient). He also had staff call me when my wife was hospitalized to make sure I was ok with both my heart health and blood sugar testing during a stressful time for me personally. Dr. Devaux is also the only professional to make sure that I knew that he was aware of my mother's sudden death this year and send his condolences. This man truly cares about my wife and I's health. I trust him fully with my life and am proud to have him as my doctor. Thank you Dr. Devaux, for being there for my family and me. Also, thank you for your military service in the World's Greatest Navy!!!" -- Mark E.
"I had a perinatal ultrasound today and the technician, Betsy, was just the absolute best I have ever had. She was friendly, professional, polite and engaged. So many times I have had cold techs who made me feel nervous when looking at my little baby, or techs who did not take the time to explain what I was looking at, and this was not the case today. Even if something had been wrong, I think I would have left wanting to give her a hug due to her friendly and understanding manner. Thank you!" -- Courtney
"I had my first mamogram this past Friday. Rhonda, the technician, was very kind and made me feel very comfortable despite the situation. I am very grateful. The radiologist came in and talked to me right away about the results. He was excellent too. Every service I have had so far at Salem Clinic has been excellent. Thank you!" -- Nicole
"I give the Salem Clinic call center an A+++ on customer service! Everyone I speak with is very professional and courteous. They always present available appointment information very clearly and seem to be as interested as the patient in being able to schedule an appointment and as pleased when that's accomplished. Perhaps the service I most appreciate, and admire, is the way they can "translate" my rambling words when attempting to leave a message for a provider into a concise statement/question. They consistently capture what I'm trying to say! And they do all of this in a very short period of time, but don't make the patient feel rushed. Many kudos! " -- Sally
"Our family is so grateful for the wonderful care my mother has received from Salem Clinic doctors. Dr. Carp has worked tirelessly to keep her with us in spite of her many and complicated health difficulties. Dr. Guzman has been wonderful with my mother the numerous times she has been hospitalized at Salem Hospital. So many other Salem Clinic doctors have had brief occasions to care for her and each has impressed us, including Dr. Gillespie this very evening at the hospital. Thanks, Salem Clinic!" -- Paula
"I see Dr.Jeffery Stoessl. In fact my whole family has switched to him in the past two months. Dr. Stoessl is always on time and takes the time to find out what is wrong with you in the room. He is a great doctor and I hope to have many mores years with him as my primary care doctor. " -- Mark
"Please pass on to Dr. Lackides our family's thanks and appreciation for taking time after work to call our father (patient at Salem Memorial Hospital) and providing him encouragement to enter into the physical therapy rehabilitation program. Dr. Lackides words were heard, and have made a positive impact on our father. Every little bit of encouragement helps a stroke victim. Thanks again Dr. Lackides." -- L. Hoss
"Dr. Gillespie is caring and compassionate. I don't feel rushed, even if it is a busy day. He treats me as an individual, not as a number or another patient who may have the same conditions. Dr. Gillespie is very knowledgeable. In my fifteen year in Oregon, and with Salem Clinic, I have been blessed with three wonderful doctors. Highest honors to Dr. Gillespie! " -- Norma
"I had such a great experience with Salem clinic a couple of weeks ago. I was 15 weeks pregnant and called the office because I was feeling slightly dizzy and some numbness. The receptionist talked to me about the resources I already had and let me know that a nurse would call me. When the nurse called not only did she listen to my problem and ask questions, she made me feel legitimate in my questions and encouraged me to call back at any time. I felt so well taken care of and hung up knowing what to do. Thanks!!!" -- Stacy
"The staff here are so sweet, kind, nice and very respectful. This is an awesome clinic to come to and I definately recommend this clinic to everyone!" -- Valerie
"A few months back I had an outbreak of poison oak that required medical treatment and sought help at Salem Clinic Urgent Care. Check-in was prompt and wait time was only a matter of minutes. Last week I was prompted to look for a new PCP and found Salem Clinic listed as accepting my insurance. I called and spoke with a very friendly and extremely helpful woman (who's name escapes me) who directed me to a physician listing available on In addition to reading about clinical backgrounds, I was able to read short personal bios wich allowed me to choose a doctor with whom I feel relatable... I currently have my first appointment scheduled for next week with Dr.Lee and I am looking forward to (it)..." -- Whitney
"I have never had a clinic seem to care so much for their patients. You called like 6 times to coordinate an appointment time. It is greatly appreciated. You guys do a fantastic job. Thank you. " -- Kurt
"I came to Urgent Care last Thursday with my first reaction to a bee sting. I was treated by Dr. Leslie Garber and was very pleased with her care. She was attentive, easy to talk with, answered all my questions, put me at ease, didn't rush and had just the right personality. She even called my at home that afternoon to check on me. Fantastic!" -- Susan R.
"I have been going to your outstanding clinic for several years now and have been very happy with the quality of care... " -- Joe C.
"I really appreciate Daniela from Dr Burgin's office. She always identifies herself clearly on the phone and answering machine, and states she is calling from Dr. Burgin's office at Salem Clinic. That makes it so much easier when you see multiple providers to know who to call back. I wish everyone would follow her phone manners." -- Barbara
"I went to Urgent Care on July 28th. Suzie & Emily were wonderful! Professional, caring, & quick! The facility was clean and pleasant. I was there just over an hour, with labs completed! " -- Denessa
"What a wonderful place! My doctor can order labs and x-rays and I just walk down and get them! No travel, scheduling or waiting. Yeah!" -- Karen
"Everytime I come in the service is quick and more than professional. I feel so at home here. Thank you for everything!" -- Kendra
"Getting personal help at a large clinic is not always easy to come by. I want to credit Salem Clinic staff for recently helping me when a prescription I transferred over from my old doctor was proving tricky... Terry was very kind and helpful! She offered to call the pharmacy herself and get it taken care of as I had no luck with them. She actually talked to me on a personal level as well and didnt seem too formal or disconnected. Thank You!" -- Stacey W.
"(All staff) are really wonderful here. I've lived in 12 states and 3 countries and I've never held higher regard for my medical staff. " -- Anonymous
"I saw Dr. Williams in Urgent Care for a complicated set of symptoms. He was very attentive, thorough, caring and a skilled listener. He determined I needed c-spine x-rays, which were done very efficiently by Catherine. She explained everything thoroughly and caringly. Dr. Williams then added a c-spine MRI and it was done quickly the same day. I appreciate the care and thoroughness, a lot!" -- Gregory W.
"Very nice experience. They made me feel comfortable with transition from Texas to Oregon. Very pleasant, knowledgeable and funny staff." -- Donna F.
"Thank you to all the Salem Clinic employees for great customer service! I appreciate the Clinic's efficiency and the excellent service of appointment schedulers, desk receptionists and nursing assistants. Everyone is polite, professional and caring. I especially appreciated Jennifer Flemming's attentive and thorough care today. You staff make stressful health situations easier to work through. Thanks!" -- Patti B.
"All staff were very friendly, helpful and efficient. The facility was clean and professional. This was a pleasant surprise for such a large operation! Thank You!" -- Linda W.
"I saw Dr. Lee on-call when my Doctor was not available. For being new to the clinic, he was amazing. He made me feel comfortable and helped me find the answer quickly, and found a great treatment option for my issue. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new physician!!!" -- Brandi
"I came in for my mammogram the other day and I want to let you know that the mammogram technologist was so nice; she was very attentive to what was going on and really the best girl I have ever had. I dislike mammograms in the first place and she made this experience tolerable. Thank you." -- Kirsten
"Your ultrasound and mammography technologists are great! They showed patience and reassurance and explained the procedures to me. Thank you." -- Michelle
"The mammogram, was the best I ever had. The technologist was wonderful and there was no pain." -- Ada
"The MRI department went of their way to be soothing and calming to myself, the patient. I was nervous about MRIs because I'm claustrophobic. They treated me with the utmost respect and were very kind and easy going, as if they were my friend. Thank you so much for alleviating my nervousness. I will no longer be apprehensive about any future MRIs. They went above and beyond to make me comfortable and, as usual, reception staff was very courteous." -- Marian
"Dr. Lackides is the best primary I've ever had. I had a routine annual physical and there were red blood cells in my urine; he immediately referred me to Willamette Urology. They found a tumor in my bladder that will be removed next week. It's probably cancer, the urologist suspects. It's also very, very early. I am SO grateful Dr. Lackides referred me immediately - he saved my life!" -- Eldon
"Dr. Cooley is, by far, the best doctor I have ever had. This doctor has saved my life and helped me many times through my very in-twined medical problems. I have had 25 plus years of medical issues and I, with his help, lived through all of them and I am now 61 years old. Thank you Dr. Cooley you are the best!" -- Arthur
"The Staff are Exceptional!! I've never been treated by an OB staff who made me feel as comfortable and at ease as this office did. Dr. Chau was helpful in working with me to form a plan for my specific needs. Thank You!!" -- Candy
"The last two evenings I have had MRI appointments and I had two outstanding technologists. They made me feel at ease and made the examination so much easier to tolerate. I do not share this compliment lightly; they are very good technologists." -- Richard
"I came in for a mammogram and a very nice employee helped me in the hallway; she wasn't even from the mammography department. She wheeled me out to my car and I am so appreciative of her kindness. I have been to the Salem Clinic many times before and the staff there is wonderful. I have written notes to your clinic in the past about how great the employees are there and I'm going to send another one about my last visit with the woman who assisted me. Thank you." -- Kathy
"As a new patient to the Salem Clinic, I am very impressed with its level of staffing and the high overall performance and coordination. Everyone seems pleasant and responsive, but also very hard-working. The physical plant is attractive and comfortable." -- Ann
"I've always been treated with respect; at the age of eighty-four, I appreciate that. I always get in at the scheduled time." -- Gladys
"I am terrified of doctors and doctor offices; your staff made me feel safer than ever before. Awesome job guys. Keep up the good work." -- Justin
"Amy was so awesome and knowledgeable. I can tell she is an outstanding employee. I am handicapped and she treated me wonderfully, she was so patient with me. I want to make sure she is recognized. " -- Ruth
"We are always very happy with our service. Today, we were called back after a very short wait, checked in very quickly; it was pleasant and professional. Greg J. drew my blood; done very quickly and professionally. He was very pleasant. My wife and I have always been appreciative of the visits here to do lab work." -- Cliff
"The entire OB staff at Salem Clinic has been amazing to work with. From the schedulers, receptionists and advice nurses to Dr. Blanchard, I have received nothing but professional, friendly and helpful service. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them regularly throughout my pregnancy and looked forward to coming in. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Blanchard - she made me feel extremely comfortable. I truly felt like she went out of her way to help me have a better, more enjoyable pregnancy, all the while giving me excellent prenatal care. She was easy to reach, quick to respond, and a huge advocate for me and my unborn child - doing all she could to keep us both healthy and happy. THANK YOU Salem Clinic! I have already referred friends because I think so highly of you all!" -- Brenda
"The ultrasound and mammography departments at the Salem Clinic are outstanding. I am so thankful for the technologists who fit me in today because I was worried and now I can go into the weekend feeling much better. Everyone was so nice and accommodating" -- Kathryn
"I have been coming to Salem Clinic for nearly 25 years. In all that time, the Clinic personnel, everyone, have been wonderful, very knowledgeable and caring. On a scale of 1-10, they rank a big 10!" -- Jean
"My husband and I have been Dr. Gillespie patients for many years. We not only value his skills in diagnosing and treatment plan but are particularly grateful for his compassionate availability when we need to get questions answered in a timely manner. His nurse Tammy is also very kind and efficient.The support staff at Salem Clinic are equally efficient and helpful. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have this team of professionals on our side. Thanks!" -- Teresa
"My children have seen Dr. Garber for years. She is a down to earth, caring doctor with a good sense of humor. We are thankful to have her!" -- Lisa
"Usually you only hear when you do something wrong, but I have gone in to MRI and Cat Scan and both the techs were extremely professional and courteous. These were new processes to me and they explained them and made me feel comfortable. You have good staff, good job!" -- Bruce
"Dr. Frank is phenomenal. I never thought I'd say that I look forward to my annual exams but I do. He makes you feel very comfortable in a very uncomfortable appointment. I have recommended him to everyone I know." -- Miranda
"I've been going to Salem Clinic for four years now and have received OB care with both of my sons. The care I received has been astounding! Both pregnancies were high risk but I was never worried. My boys and I were definitely in great hands!" -- Krystal