Obstetrics and Gynecology


Maternity. Gynecology. Hormonal problems. Annual Pap exam. Infertility. Women’s health … The OB/GYN department at Salem Clinic is made up of a team of qualified and compassionate individuals all working to make sure you receive the finest care possible. They reflect a deep concern for our patients, a commitment to advanced treatments and a dedication to health education. The result is a family-friendly program of care and support. Our staff is made up of eight experienced physicians with support from nurse practitioners with many years of experience treating female issues. We further partner with OHSU in providing, onsite, the highest quality high-risk obstetrical care. Commonly used OB/GYN forms are available on the forms page.

Salem Clinic Main

Darcy L. Blanchard, DO

Michael Y. Chau, MD

Laura Chong, MD

Frederick Frank, MD

Sheila D. Goldsworthy, MD

Jennifer A. Ham, CNM

Robert J. Harder, MD

Valerie Joyce Heffner, M.D.

Mori Montagne, NMNP

Patricia Peterson, MD

Sandi Phillips, FNP

Steven H. Samawi, MD