Medical Records Request FAQs


How can I request a copy of my medical records?

Medical records are most commonly requested by completing the Release of Information (ROI) form. This form can be found under the Resources and then Forms headers. A paper ROI form can be picked up at the patient service desk at any of our clinic locations.

Requests can also be made via MyChart by navigating to the Menu, then the Sharing Hub.

Do I need to fill out a form?

In most cases, yes, a Release of Information (ROI) form needs to be completed in order for you to request a copy of your records, or to direct where they should be released to. We do process other releases according to HIPAA. Click here for step-by-step ROI completion instructions.

How long does it take before I receive a copy of my requested medical records?

Normal processing time is less than two weeks, although some requests can take up to 30 days. Processing times for records requests are impacted greatly based upon the accurate completion of the Release of Information (ROI) form.

Does it cost anything to request my medical records?

In most cases, yes, there is a cost associated with requesting your own medical records. The average cost is $35-50 if you are receiving the records. If the records need to be prepared for legal reasons, like an attorney’s office, then there is a per page cost calculated.

Who can request my medical records?

Only persons with a legal right to your records can request them; for adults, that means you, unless you have a legal guardian, granted medical Power of Attorney, granted Healthcare Representative rights, a court order is in place, or other legal statuses. Other medical professionals involved in your care can also request access to your records. Your health insurance company can request records for services to support the payment of claims.

I need to request medical records of a person who is deceased, how do I do that?

Normally, the Informant listed on the Death Certificate is the person authorized to request the records of a deceased patient. If the informant is not able to request the records, ORS 192.573 provided additional avenues to request records.

Where can I get help?

If you need help completing the Release of Information (ROI) form, or you have additional questions about this process, you may contact our Health Information Management team at 503-375-7407. Click here for step-by-step ROI completion instructions.