In 2001 the clinic partnered with OMPRO (now Acumentra) to monitor and maximize the quality of care for our diabetes patients. Within one year, the clinic enrolled all of our patients into a computerized tracking program. We pioneered several important modifications to the software and processes. These modifications improved our provider's ability to assist our patients with their diabetes care, improved our communication with these patients about their care, and assisted in developing several new diabetes educational programs for our patients. The software that we developed has been freely shared with other clinics to assist them with the care of their patients as well.

In 1996, our clinic was recognized for its outstanding diabetes care by receiving the prestigious "Acclaim" award from the American Medical Group Association (AMGA). In 2003, the clinic was again honored by receiving the "Best Practices in Diabetes Care" from the AMGA. This award recognizes the top 10 clinics for diabetes care in the country. The award is based on our providers helping our patients to meet their diabetes care goals. These goals include controlling their blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and getting the other recommended diabetes care.

The clinic continues to use our expertise in quality of patient care to innovate and help our patients meet their health care goals for other diseases.

Below are link(s) to Websites that provide additional information for patients about diabetes care.